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Begin creating your music with our advanced AI tools designed for production and creativity. Utilize our AI-driven separation tool to sample your track, and enhance it with AI mastering to ensure your song is release-ready and of the highest quality.

The App for the Professional Producer

Remix, remake, and shape your music with exceptional AI features. Extract vocals, acapella, guitar, piano, bass, drums and various instruments from song or video files, high quality stems, fast and free, using advanced AI algorithms.

AI Stem Splitter

Separate vocals, acapella, accompaniment, bass, drums or various instruments of any song by uploading your audio or video file.

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Smart Metronome & Count-in

Introducing the world's first Smart Metronome: instantly sync metronome counts with any song, whether recorded in-studio or captured live.

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BPM, key, and chord detection

With just one click, speed up or slow down any song. The app instantly identifies and displays the BPM for seamless adjustments.

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Master Recordings

Play along your music, Record and then use noise remover AI tool or AI Mastering tool to master your recordings to production ready samples.

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Workflow optimization

Create samples using app or use the web version on your desktop. Access your tracks and harness the power of Artificial Intelligence from ANY device.

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Safety for cloud storage

No more worrying about manual backups with external hard drives. Create the ultimate library and secure your samples and mastering files in the cloud.

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Frequently asked questions

Our audio separation tool is designed specifically for drummers who want to practice, produce, or perform with greater flexibility and control over their music tracks.
Simply log into your account, purchase the necessary tokens, and use the upload interface to select and submit your song file. Our system will automatically begin the process of audio separation.
Our tool supports a wide range of popular audio formats including MP3, WAV, FLAC, and AAC. This ensures compatibility with most music files you might want to work with.
Yes, our mixer interface allows you to control the volume of each separated track individually. You can mute, unmute, and adjust volumes to mix the song to your preference.
Absolutely! After making the desired adjustments and mix, you can export the final version in a preferred format directly from our platform.
Our AI-based drum separation feature is highly accurate, using advanced algorithms to cleanly separate drums from other musical components with minimal artifacts.
Our BPM detection is generally very accurate, but if you notice any discrepancies, you can manually adjust the BPM using the provided tools on our platform to match your requirements.
The number of tokens required to separate a song depends on its length and complexity. Details on token requirements are available on our pricing page, ensuring transparency before you make any commitments. 1 MIN = 2 TOKENS (Separation)
We offer comprehensive support through our helpdesk via email, live chat, and a detailed knowledge base. Our team is committed to assisting you in resolving any issues promptly to ensure a seamless experience with our tool.
Our platform supports a wide array of payment options, including major global credit card brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club. All transactions are securely processed and encrypted, ensuring your financial safety. Additionally, our payment system is powered by Stripe, a trusted leader in online payments.

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