Vocal Remover & Instrumental AI Splitter

Extract vocals, acapella, guitar, piano, bass, drums and various instruments from song or video files, high quality stems, fast and free, using advanced AI algorithms.

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Tailor Your Sound with Ease

Mikrotakt offers additional services, including a voice cleaner and noise reducer tool, Karaoke Maker, and acapella extractor tool. Experience the quality for yourself by exploring these features!

AI Stem Splitter

Separate vocals, acapella, accompaniment, bass, drums or various instruments of any song by uploading your audio or video file.

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AI Voice Cleaner

Clean up audio recordings, reduce background noise and music using AI technology from any audio or video file.

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AI Mastering

Elevate Your Music with Intelligent Precision & Crafting Professional Soundscapes. Upload your reference and original track and start mastering.

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Karaoke Maker

Create quality karaoke songs or extract acapella from any video or audio file using AI technology. It's Free, Simple and Fast.

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Jam along with your favorite songs.

Break Down Stems, Mix Stems, Play Along, and Effortlessly Export Your Customized Mix. Enable metronome, Find the key of the song and change the tempo & pitch to play along with the mix.

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Jam Along Screenshot

Endless inspirations

Effortlessly Isolate and Remix: Separate Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Bass, Keys, and More in Any Song. Customize Volumes, Mute Tracks, and Create Your Mix. Simple Selection and Trimming: Easily Choose and Edit Sections in Your Uploaded or Processed Files.

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Customize Your Sound

Enhance your separated exports with our cutting-edge audio effects plugins on the web to tailor and customize your sounds.

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Who is it for?

Empowering Musicians, Educators, and Content Creators with Precision Audio Separation Tools to Enhance Practice, Production, and Educational Experiences.


Quickly separate drum parts to focus on improving your rhythm, studying complex beats, or creating drum training materials.


Effortlessly solo out guitar parts to facilitate learning new songs, practicing solos, or creating guitar-focused instructional content.


Extract your vocals clearly for perfecting your technique, creating acapella versions, or using in vocal training applications.

DJs / Producers

Refine and remix tracks with precise control, tailor sounds for your DJ sets, or produce custom tracks for your audience.


Effortlessly isolate piano tracks to help with practicing, creating sheet music, or performing detailed cover versions.


Isolate and hear bass lines cleanly to enhance your practice sessions, refine your technique, or prepare for studio recordings.

Content Creators

Edit and enhance audio segments efficiently for podcasts, videos, and multimedia projects to achieve professional-quality sound.


Utilize separated musical elements to aid in teaching music theory, instrumental instruction, or composing and arranging courses.

Frequently asked questions

Indeed, each tool comes with its own pricing, but rest assured, the tokens you purchase can be used interchangeably. For instance, Separation for a 5-minute song costs 10 tokens, while mastering for a song up to 6 minutes is priced at 20 tokens.
Absolutely! You can experiment with our AI Mastering tools and Separation tools (Except Mixer), but please note that you will be limited to a few exports during the trial period.
This AI tool leverages advanced AI algorithms to analyze the audio file and identify different frequencies and patterns associated with vocals, instruments, and other elements.
Yes, you can split audio files from any source, including YouTube URLs, making it convenient for extracting specific parts or sections from videos.
Mikrotakt's splitter supports a wide range of audio formats, ensuring compatibility with popular file types such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, and more.
Yes, the audio AI splitter app provides flexible options for customizing the layout of the split audio files. You can choose specific timestamps, durations.
Free. Separation of vocals, acapella, accompaniment, bass, drums, or various instruments without cost, although you will have a daily limit for your uploads and exports since separation requests costs a lot. Upgrade to Premium plan to use it without limitations.
Mikrotakt's packages do not have an expiration date. Once you’ve acquired a package, it’s always there until you’ve used all tokens available for splitting. Say, you’ve bought the (100min) 50-token package and processed 100 minutes worth of audio/video through the service, then you will have to get a new package to split more files. If you’ve bought it and haven’t been using it for several weeks or even months, the package with all its minutes is still available like you’ve purchased it today.
Our platform supports a wide array of payment options, including major global credit card brands like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Diners Club. All transactions are securely processed and encrypted, ensuring your financial safety. Additionally, our payment system is powered by Stripe, a trusted leader in online payments.
We determine charges based on the duration of the processed file. It's 2 tokens per minute, and you only pay for what you use.

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